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List of Duty and Tax Free Goods at Shahjalal Airport

You might have already learnt about the rates of duties for various goods when brought to Bangladesh. It is not that you will have to pay duties or taxes for everything you bring with you. There are so many items for which Customs Authority at the airport will not charge any duty or tax.

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One thing should be kept in mind, this customs duty free facility is applicable only for non-commercially brought baggage items, that is, items you bring with you, not as cargo. Most of the items brought separately through courier service may require to pay import taxes. We will not discuss the amount of import tax of items as this will be a huge list and readers are suggested to contact Airport Customs Authority for details about those things.

As per the Customs Rule 3(5), 3(7) and Rule 10, following items are considered Duty and Tax free goods. (Duty and Tax are to be paid for commercial quantity import)

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If you want more details, we suggest you to download the Baggage Rules [2016] of the Customs authority in Bangladesh.


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