Flight Booking

You can have your flight booking in advance for different airline operators working in Bangladesh. Almost all the airline operators have their own website. For flight booking, visit the following links as you require. Also check the baggage allowance of concerned airline if you want to carry extra weight with you.

Domestic Airline Operator*

* All these domestic airline operators except US-Bangla Airlines operate international flights also.

International Airlines

In case of choosing airlines, try to have information from your acquaintance and do not make hasty decision. Try to find out the seating arrangements of the aircraft you are intending to avail and this is not very tough. When you look out for your desired flight online, there are likely to be links to the aircraft seat plan. It will be suitable for you if you can get seats near the isle because you can have some space to breathe and move within the aircraft, especially if it is a long journey,

Before you chose any cheap flight, be assured of the services covered and the comfort. It will be very difficult if you have a seat too close to the seat before you.