Customs Procedure

All the passengers are required to fill up a customs declaration form at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, usually provided by the concerned airlines for arrival passengers. Passengers must fill up this form and submit it to the Customs officer on duty there before leaving the customs area. If any passenger carries taxable item, he/she should show it to the customs officer and pay the customs tax/duty amount as fixed by the officer as per the current laws and rules of the country.

If any passenger is found to have carried any non-importable items or banned items, it will be detained by the customs official and the passenger will be provided with a Detention Memo (DM) for that. In case of items imported having terms and conditions, may be released upon showing proper documents within the time frame of 21 days from detention and DM is also mandatory for this.

Passengers not able to pay the fixed customs duty/tax on extra baggage items or taxable items at the customs counter on the spot will also be provided with a Detention Memo and this case will be settled later on following proper legal procedures.

To read about the baggage items that you can bring with you without paying any customs duty, please follow this article titled List of duty and tax free goods at Shahjalal Airport. Or you can follow  the rate of taxes for different items at Shahjalal Airport for the list of rate of taxes for baggage items carried by a passenger into Bangladesh.

The amount of carry-able cash for any incoming or outgoing passenger is regulated by the customs department. Incoming passengers usually can carry any amount of foreign currencies but must have to fill in a Money Declaration Form if the carried currency amounts equals or more than 5000 US Dollar or equivalent foreign currency.

For outgoing passengers, a passenger can carry up to 5000 USD or equivalent foreign currency as per the rules set by Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh. He or she may carry 500 BDT with person while leaving Bangladesh.

Incoming or outgoing passengers may carry upto 500BDT, and 5000$ or equivalent during their travel. For all information regarding the exact procedure, please follow the following document. Details regarding carry-able jewelry are also provided. For detailed information about carry-able cash during outbound travel from Bangladesh, you can download this FAQ in foreign exchange transactions provided by Bangladesh Bank.