Baggage Wrapping

Reports of broken or torn baggage, suspicious opening of the baggage or removal of valuable items from the baggage are not scarce in the airports of most of the third world countries. Passengers then have go to the respective airlines to claim their lost items which in many cases are not so pleasing.

The opinion of officials concerned at the airport engaged in baggage handling differ a little bit in case of opened zipper of the baggage or torn baggage. In many airports including those in Bangladesh, baggage handling is done semi-automatic or manual way. The final step of delivering a baggage to the conveyor belt is done almost manually.

Due to the pressure of delivering passenger baggage very quickly, the operators sometimes can not take as much car as required for all baggage to the conveyor belt. In some cases, they just throw the baggage carelessly to the belt. For these reasons, the baggage can be torn out or the zipper can be detached, opened or broken.

To get rid of these problems, you can ensure the security of your baggage in exchange of a very little fee. At first, you can think why should I spend my money to protect my valuables when the airlines take the responsibility of my bag? But when something is lost, may be you will not be able replace the “passion” value of that item.

You may think that your baggage is strong enough to sustain any kind of pressure. But if your baggage is torn due to any of the reasons mentioned above, then what you can do? A simple answer to this question may be to have your baggage wrapped by a protective cover for a little amount of money.

Almost all airports around the world have the facility of having your baggage wrapped for security and protection. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh has also this facility of baggage wrapping. Outbound passengers can have their baggage wrapped with the protection of a cellophane cover.

The question is, why should you spend your hard earned money for this? Let’s see.

1. Protection from scratches

Shifting of your baggage through mechanical or non-mechanical system at the airports can cause scratches on the surface your bag. But if the baggage is wrapped, this sort of scratches will be protected by the wrapping and your bag will be free from any kind of stains or scratches.

2. Protection FROM pilferage and tear

At any airport, your baggage can be torn due to careless handling or can be the target of dishonest handling operators. Such unprotected bag can be cut or opened sneakily by those dishonest operators without your permission. A security wrapping can ensure the safety of your belongings from such situations. Statistics show that wrapped baggage are almost 100 per cent free from being torn or cut.

3. Protection from water or oil stains

Wrapped baggage can protect itself from water or any kind of oily substance derived from mechanical instruments of baggage handling.

4. Tag and label free luggage

Frequently flying passengers have to attach various tags and labels on their baggage. Tags and labels of various size and colors makes their bag looking odd. But a wrapped bag is free from this problem. Wrapping surface absorbs the strong glue of tags or labels keeping the original surface of the bag free. An added facility is that, you can have special markings on your bag while the wrapping is done.

5. Mental Satisfaction

It sometimes bother every passenger during travel thinking about the condition of your baggage whether it is in good condition or not. You may be worried thinking about the security of your valuables inside the baggage. But if your baggage is wrapped, you can easily shrug off your worries. The mental satisfaction then seems to be more valuable than the cost of wrapping.

Where to have wrapping

Now, are you convinced enough to have your bag wrapped? Then the question may arise in your mind where you can have that. Baggage wrapping facility is provided by a single commercial agency at the Hazrat Shahjalal International airport. The agency has two booths for wrapping service inside the departure terminals of the airport. The booths are located near the entry gate number 1 and 4.

The agency provides wrapping service for a meager amount of BDT 300 per bag using a semi-automatic machine and cellophane film.