How to ensure a hassle free journey from Shahjalal Airport

For some inherent reasons, air travel means a lot of pressure to some people. May be it is for the nature of the travel or the passenger may think it will be difficult to get something in order if he/she misses something before flying. This pressure or anxiety sometimes leads passenger to face unwanted situations which he might think hassles or harassment for him/her.

You can avoid any unwanted situations if you plan your air travel before hand. That plan not only includes the dates and times of departure or return but also involves a lot of other factors. We would like to put some light on these factors so as to facilitate your somewhat hassle free journey. Most of these points may be known to all frequently flying passengers, but we have tried to help those who are first timers or less oriented to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.

Arriving at the airport

Try to arrive at least 3 hours before your scheduled flight as departure terminal entry gates may be too much crowded when a good number of flights have very adjacent time schedules. Departure entry gate no. 6 is specially for airport personnel, so it is better to avoid that. If you are arriving at the airport using your own vehicle, release your vehicle from the road in front of the terminal as soon as possible to let other people park their vehicles for getting down.

It is better to bid farewell to your near and dear ones at home rather than crowding at the airport. Your relatives not travelling with you will have to buy entry tickets for entering into departure terminal and do not insist the security personnel at the gate to re-enter once you leave the terminal returning the visitors pass for concourse hall as this is not allowed.

Do not pay anyone for providing you trolley outside of the terminal to carry your luggage and if anyone demands money, seek police help around. You can also call Airport Armed Police at +8801743 914919 which is open 24/7 and a senior officer will receive your call to help you.

First Security Check

At the time of first security check just at the entry gates, ensure that you know what you are carrying with you and do not take anything from other person that you don’t know what that is. In many cases, passengers carry banned items like drugs or similar weeds without knowing the contents other provided them. This can result in great hassle as well as legal actions against those who carry it.

After the scanning, make sure your baggage have the security tag pasted by the security personnel. If you have to take anything out from your check-in baggage, it is better to have that done here before the security tag is attached.

Departure Concourse Hall

You can have your embarkation card filled up here by the help desk free of cost. It is a free service and if anybody demands for tips or money for this, call Airport Armed Police for legal action.

Do not give your passport to unauthorized person or people you do not know.

Check displays for the check in time and counters of your airline and wait at the concourse hall if it takes longer time to start

Check-in formalities

When you pack your baggage, plan as precisely as possible to carry only essentials so that your baggage does not exceed the weight limit as mentioned in your ticket. Most of the airlines usually do not bother if the weight exceeds by 1 or 2 kilogram from the limit but it is better to keep it within limits.

If you have a baggage allowance of 30 kg or above, make sure that a single baggage does not exceed 32 kg in weight since authorities may refuse to handle excess weight baggage. Follow the rules about the allowance of items for check in baggage.

Wait in queue for check-in at your airline counter for smoother operation.

During check-in, make sure that you have collected the baggage tag, passport, boarding pass and other documents if any. It is better to keep the given baggage tag attached at the front or back of the passport for security.

Immigration Procedure

At immigration area entry gate, you will be asked for the embarkation/departure card that you got filled up and give it to the gate security. Show your boarding pass and passport to enter the immigration area.

After entering immigration area, you will not be allowed to come back and meet your relatives at the concourse hall. So, it is better to bid them farewell finally.

Wait in the queue that is the shortest in length or as instructed by the immigration officers. Do not cross the line marked on the floor before person in front of you in line finished his/her immigration formalities.

Show your boarding pass, passport with visa (when required) and other necessary documents as required by the immigration officer. Answer to their questions as precisely as possible. When immigration formalities is complete, collect your passport, boarding pass and others you have provided and confirm that your passport has been duly stamped before leaving immigration counter.

Waiting Lounge

Do not leave your hand bag or anything else at the waiting lounge unattended.

Frequently check the display for the boarding time and designated boarding gate for your flight. Have your flight number in mind and keep yourself alert for the announcements made time to time.

When boarding time is announced, proceed quietly making sure you did not leave anything behind.

Final Security Check

At the final security check technically known as INS checking, you will have to put all your belongings under the scanner and keep your money safe. Do not carry forbidden items at this stage and this comprehensive list of items you should not carry in your hand bag will help you which items you are not allowed to carry when boarding a flight.


Airline crews will inform you when to start boarding flight. Proceed in a disciplined way and keep part of the boarding pass you have been provided in your hand. Cabin crews will help you finding your seat or ask them if you can not find yourself.

Put your hand bag/ carry on baggage at the designated bunk overhead and be cautious not to drop any over another passengers head.

Now your are on board and follow the instructions of the cabin crew and the pilot from now on until you arrive at your destination.

In this article, we have tried to mention all the factors for your smooth and hassle free air travel from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Yet some points may be missed and we will continue to update those very soon or as early as it comes to our note. If you have anything to say, please use our comments section or jump to our contact page to write your valuable suggestions.  Hope your journey will be very comfortable and enjoyable.

Bon Voyage!

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