Over last couple of years, we received large number of questions about Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Customs Tax and duty regarding various commodities generally brought into Bangladesh by the passengers. Considering the interests of our readers, we decided to put all the important questions in a single post so that everyone looking answers of these frequently asked questions about Shahjalal International airport can get their desired information easily.

Actually this list of frequently asked questions is endless, still we thought this might come to some use for our readers. If you have any question in your mind, simply ask us and we would like to give our best efforts to satisfy you.

  1. Do I need to pay any duty if I have 100 gm gold bar?

As per customs rules, any amount of gold bar or bullion is dutiable. That is, you MUST have to pay customs duty for gold bars, be it even 1 gram. Moreover, this allowance of bringing gold bar with paying duty is not unlimited.

Each passenger is allowed to bring a maximum of 234 gm gold bar or 20 Tola paying customs duty as per the rate described. Any amount exceeding 234 gm will be considered as commercial amount and it is now allowed as baggage item.

If you want to bring more than 234 gm of Gold bar, you will have to import it which will require enough documentation and extra supplementary duties for that.

By the way, the amount of customs duty for per 11.664 gm of gold bar (within limit of maximum 234 gm or 20 Tola) is 3000 BDT.

  1. How much do I need to pay for 22″ LED TV?

Customs rules as amended on June, 2015 has details about the payable customs duty for different sized LCD. LED, Plasma or similar technology televisions. As per the rules, following table represents the amount needed to be paid as customs duty for each category by size:

Sl.TV SizesCustoms Duty to be paid
1Up to 29"Duty Free
230" to 36"10,000 Taka
337" to 42"20,000 Taka
443" to 46"30,000 Taka
547" to 52"50,000 Taka
653" to 65"70,000 Taka
766" and above90,000 Taka

It has to be noted that, up to 21” Inch television is duty free and you can bring it without any tax. Beyond 21 inch, you will have to pay duty.

  1. If I bring by wearing 200 grams gold then do I need to pay for that?

100gm of Gold ornaments are allowed to bring with without paying any customs duty. Any amount beyond this is dutiable, even it is 101 gm. You will have to pay 3000 BDT (per 11.664 gm) as customs duty for the amount in excess to this 100 gm.

Please keep in mind that, in any case, you are not allowed to bring more than 200 gm even with paying customs duty. Be it brought as worn or anyway, customs duty is must for up to 200gm. Any amount beyond this is considered as commercial amount.

In case of ornaments, any single item of ornament cannot be more than 12 pcs.

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  1. Can I bring 2 speakers And one amplifier tax free? 

General CD with 02 (two) speakers Component (Music Center) are allowed to be brought duty free. Whereas, upto 4 speaker component system (Music Center) of CD/DVD/VCD/LD/MD/Blue Ray Disc set is duty free.

Again, home theater having more than 4 speakers but not higher than 8 speakers music center (CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD/Blue Ray Disc set) will require customs duty to be paid and the amount is 8,000 BDT.

  1. Can I carry rupee from Bangladesh to India for treatment?

Yes, foreign currency equivalent to USD 10,000 is allowed for medical treatment subject to placement of valid estimate from foreign hospital or medical center. If someone needs more than 10000 US Dollar, prior approval from Foreign Exchange Policy Department of Bangladesh Bank is mandatory.

  1. Do I have to pay for a toaster oven?

No, one general oven/electric oven, toaster oven, or microwave oven, or Sandwich Maker(electrical, Blender, Food Processor, Juicer, or Coffee Maker is duty free item as per Customs Baggage Rules. You can bring any of these ovens for personal use without paying a dime as customs duty.

  1. Can I bring 22″ used monitor with me on the way to Dhaka from USA?

You can. But Customs baggage rules denote that it is a Customs Dutiable item, i.e., you might have to pay duty for that even though it is used.

  1. While coming from USA to Dhaka, Can I bring 2 laptop with me?

Customs rules indicates that, one personal computer of any kind is allowed to be brought into Bangladesh without customs duty. In practical, a passenger can bring one used laptop and another brand new laptop without any customs duty. So it is usually allowed.

  1. How many cellphones or mobile phones I can bring with me from abroad?

You can bring 2 mobile phones without paying any customs duty for them. In excess to those two, you can also bring 5 more mobile phones paying Customs duty specified for them. Please note that, the amount of customs duty may vary (around 35%) subject to the price of the phones or the origin of the journey.

Any quantity that exceeds these two plus five mobile phones will be considered as commercial import not for which you may have to pay extra duty which is applicable for commercial importer. Please note that, you may require import documents (for example import license) in such cases.

  1. How much dollar or foreign currency I can carry in cash or for medical treatment?

Amount of foreign currency that Bangladeshi citizens can carry with them is governed by the rules circulated by Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh.

According to the latest foreign exchange rules, a Bangladeshi citizen can carry any approved foreign currency equivalent to not more than 5000 US Dollar per person per calendar year for traveling to Myanmar and SAARC countries (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, and Afghanistan). For other countries around the world, a resident Bangladeshi Citizen can carry not more than 7000 US Dollar per person per calendar year.

Any amount exceeding this limit will require approval from Foreign Exchange Policy Department of Bangladesh Bank.

For medical treatment purpose, Bangladeshi citizen can carry 10,000 US Dollar against the estimates from foreign medical treatment center or hospitals. For any amount beyond this limit will require prior approval from Bangladesh Bank.

  1. How much Bangladeshi Taka I can keep with me while leaving Bangladesh Airports or Land ports?

As per the Bangladesh Bank circulars, a resident Bangladeshi citizen can keep 5000 Bangladeshi Taka with him or her while leaving or entering Bangladesh airports or land ports.