Arrival Terminal Map of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport

If you are visiting Bangladesh for the first time through Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport or interested to visit Bangladesh through this airport, then you may need a schematic guide to the airport. Thinking for the need of those passengers like you, we now provide you with a schematic diagram of the arrival terminals of the largest airport of Bangladesh.

This schematic map will help you to find out the necessary sections or offices of the airport like airport Customs, Immigration, booths of bank or money exchange for currency exchange, foreigner’s registration booth, Civil Aviation Authority (CAAB) security sections, Airport Police, visa on arrival cell or prayer rooms.

Arrival terminal map of HSIAMany passengers also look for the exit terminals of the airport. This map shows both the arrival terminals and it is easy to find them out. The map also indicates the locations of prayer rooms, stairs or lift, belt area, hotel booths,

When you arrive at the airport from abroad, you will come down to the arrival immigration area through the stair or escalator. After clearing the immigration procedure, you will then have to wait a bit for your baggage. Look for the information board in front of you (at the ceiling) to find out at which belt your airline baggage will be served. If the belt number is from 1 to 4, then move to the right and if it is from 5 to 8, then move to the left.

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Download the map in PDF format

If you are a bit unlucky to collect your baggage from the specific belt, you should bring it to the notice of the attending airline official and report for the lost baggage immediately. This is very import because if you are unable to report this before you cross the green channel area, most likely your claim will not be entertained.

After you collect your baggage properly, then you can proceed to the green channel. In the midway, Customs authority may require your baggage to be scanned. If you have anything for which customs duty is required, custom authority will issue you a form and you will have to pay the amount at the designated bank booth opposite to the arrival immigration area. The knowledge about the list of duty or tax free goods or the rate of tax or duty for some goods will help you a lot in this.

If all are okay, then after crossing green channel exit you will find passage to the Terminal 1 to your right and Terminal 2 to your left. Move accordingly to the exit gates of your desired terminal.

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