More than 20 airlines operates at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh. All airlines have different baggage allowance policy. If you are curious about the baggage allowance policy of the airlines operating in Bangladesh, then this article is for you. It is difficult and also time consuming to have a baggage allowance comparison for airlines operating in a certain airport. We thought it would be helpful for our readers if they can compare the amount of baggage they can carry with them while traveling to and from Bangladesh.

So, let us start. The following table is the baggage allowance comparison for adult passengers at a glance for some notable airlines operating in Bangladesh. We intentionally omitted some airlines as those airlines have complex baggage allowance policy and readers are requested to visit those sites individually or can call them form this airlines contact list for detail understanding. Also please do not forget to read the footnote of this article since it contains important information about the topic I am talking about.

Click on the airlines name to visit the baggage allowance page for respective airline.


First Class

Business Class

Economy Class

Checked In

Carry on

Checked In

Carry on

Checked In

Carry on

Etihad50 kg12 kg40 kg12 kg30 kg7 kg
Emirates450 kg40 kg30 kg
Qatar Air50 kg15 kg40 kg15 kg30 kg7 kg
Dragon Air40 Kg5 kg30 kg5 kg20 kg5 kg
Thai Air40 kg7 kg30 kg7 kg20 kg7 kg
Bangkok Air30 kg20 kg
Biman Bangladesh35/45 kg125/35 kg1
Malaysia Air50 kg14 kg40 kg7 kg30 kg7 kg
Fly Dubai40 kg15 kg20/30/40 kg27 kg
Saudi Arabian Air32kg x 2bgs9 kg32kg x 2bgs9 kg23 kg x 2bgs7 kg
Singapore Airlines50 kg7 kg x 2bgs40 kg7 kg x 2bgs307 kg
Kuwait Air40 kg7 kg30 kg7 kg20 kg7 kg
Air Arabia

Check in baggage 20/30/40 kg3, carry-on baggage 10 kg.

Jet Airways

Variable depending on cabin type and flights. Visit site for details

Gulf Air40 kg9 kg30 kg6 kg
Regent Air30 kg7 kg20 kg7 kg
RAK Airways30 kg30 kg

Footnote for the baggage allowance comparison table:

  1. Lower range is applicable for journey from Bangladesh and higher range is for journey to Bangladesh.
  2. 20 kg baggage fee is included in the airfare, and for excess fare, passengers have to pay as per the rates mentioned in the baggage policy page of the website. Please visit the website for clarification.
  3. Air Arabia offers the opportunity to only pay for the baggage you need. You can select checked baggage weight while booking or modifying your flight (20 Kg, 30 Kg or 40 Kg) with no limitation on the number of pieces. The only baggage allowance available for purchase at the airport is 20 Kg, additional weight will be subject to excess baggage rates.
  4. For itineraries including any destinations in North or South America, different baggage rules apply: for North America, customers are allowed two bags of up to 23kg each in Economy Class, and two bags of up to 32kg each in First Class or Business Class. For South America, customers are allowed two bags of up to 32kg each in all classes.

Traveling with infants/children

Infants (under 2 years of age) are mostly entitled to carry one piece of baggage not more than 10 kg as checked in baggage. In addition, nearly every airlines allow some other items needed for infants during air travel like baby food, infants carrying basket, a fully collapsible stroller or pushchair and carry-cot or car seat without extra charge.

Children above 2 years of age (up to 10/11 years) are considered often as adults but may require less airfare to be paid for them.

Important Note

To comply with Global Health and Safety regulations for baggage handlers, almost all airlines impose a strict ruling to ensure that each single piece of item or baggage that is checked in DOES NOT exceed 32 kg (70 lbs). So, keep your baggage weight maximum of 32 kg, otherwise your baggage may not be accepted by the airlines at the airport during check in. Footnote 4 is applicable for most airlines traveling to and from North America.

Once you confirm the airline you would travel with, be sure not to exceed the dimension of the baggage allowed, especially if you are traveling to and from North America. We would suggest you to follow this rule for all airlines and countries to avoid any unexpected situations.

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