Two Moroccans arrested for attempt to aboard aircraft illegally

Muhammad Murad and Muhammad JamalTwo Moroccan citizens named Murad Mohammad (25) and Zamal Mohammad (26) were arrested by Airport Armed Police for their alleged attempt to enter into an GulfAir aircraft almost departing at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.
After the arrest, Murad and Zamal were taken into custody for interrogation by Police and Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh. In the interrogation, Murad and Zaman disclosed many things about their illegal attempt to board the aircraft.According to their statement, they illegally boarded onto a ship which came from Morocco about two and half months ago. The ship was owned by a company named Abdul Kader Kassyam. It took almost two months to arrive at Chittagong Sea port from Moroccan sea port. After arriving in Chittagong offshore see port, the captain of the ship handed over them to a Bangladeshi owned trawler and to arrange their travel to Casablanca, he paid 8,000 USD to the boat owner. Accordingly, the boat owner arranged domestic flight ticket for the two youth and also bought two International flight ticket from Dhaka to Casablanca. In the meantime, they stayed in Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh for 10 days.
The youths arrived Dhaka yesterday afternoon by a flight of Regent Airways and stayed at the airport. At around 9.30 pm, they reached the top floor of the airport and from there, they broke the glass wall of the airport and climbed down to the 1st floor near boarding bridge no. 6 where a flight of Gulf Air was finalizing its procedures for departure. At that very moment, Murad and Zamal reached the fag end of the boarding bridge and tried to break open the glass window of the boarding bridge to enter it. At that point, two Armed Police Battalion members, who were carrying out their security duty at the ground, saw them and cautioned them not to enter the bridge. Denying their alert, both the young men entered the bridge. Seeing this, both the security men reached there and detained them. Later, they were handed over to CAAB authority for interrogation.
Both the Moroccan were finally handed over to Airport police station for legal actions against them.

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