Commercial Domestic Passenger flight operations has resumed after a long time due to the prevailing Corona crisis throughout the world. Initially, flights will be operated in three routes: Dhaka to Chattogram, Dhaka to Sylhet, Dhaka to Saidpur. Based on the experience of these three routes, flights to other domestic destinations will commence.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novoair and US-Bangla Airlines will operate a number of flights initially maintaining health standard and regulations as issued by Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh(CAAB)

CAAB, the regulatory authority of civil flights in Bangladesh issued a circular on 28th May regarding the resumption of commercial scheduled domestic passenger flight operation.

According to the circular, signed by Group Captain Chy M Zia Ul Kabir, Member, Flight Standard and Regulations, CAAB notified all Bangladeshi Air Operators that schedule commercial domestic passenger flight operation will resume in limited scale from 0600 BST on 1st June 2020.

The circular also included that considering the persistent risk and to avoid further expansion of pandemic COVID-19 throughout the country, until 2359 BST on 15th June 2020, all Helicopter and General Aviation Air Operators of Bangladesh have been advised to limit their flights to corporate, medevac, humanitarian or relief flights only. In addition, during any operation, standard disinfection, hygiene and sanitization procedure for passenger, crew, equipment and aircraft (Inflight or on ground) shall be maintained and followed.

Guidelines for Airport Authority

  1. Airports shall ensure adequate entry or exit gates with disinfection arrangements i.e., foot mats, disinfection tunnels to avoid conditions of passengers. No visitors to be allowed in the terminal building.
  2. Airports shall provide hand-washing facilities for the traveling passengers and stuff with liquid soap and water with foot operated waste bin near the entrance gates of the terminal building.
  3. Passengers and Civil Aviation stuff centre terminal building with face mask and to walkthrough disinfection management for sterilization of dress or soles.
  4. Airport shops in all entry gates of Ford shall be equipped with calibrated non contact infrared thermometer to check fever of all agency stops and passengers. the febrile person shall be immediately isolated and handed over to respective airport health authority.
  5. All the airport steps shell where appropriate mask while working in and around the airport. The stuff handling febrile person shall wear disposable medical caps, surgical masks, gloves, disposable shoe cover, goggles and disposable protective suits (PPE).
  6. To reduce cross contamination, all staff shall wear or remove PPE in a designated place. Removed PPE should be placed in medical Waste bags as infectious waste. Airport and other stuffs working in the airport shall be sent for quarantine once they have suspicious symptoms;
  7. passengers to be advised to sit at an adequate distance (at least one metre) while waiting in the passengers waiting lounge. Taped crosses should be used for marking row seats on which passengers will not be allowed to sit;
  8. Repeated public address announcement to be carried out on preventive safety measures against the spread of COVID-19 emphasizing more on use of mass, and sanitizing and social distancing.
  9. Minimum numbers of shops, banks, money exchanges and food stalls to be kept open with strict daily inspection by the sanitary inspectors of airport health department;
  10. The key areas of the airport (security screening area, check counters, baggage inspection desk, immigration counters, public and stuff toilets etc) shall be cleaned and disinfected at least thrice a day. Cargo sheds and parking area shall be cleaned and disinfected at least once a day;

11. All the rails, door handlers, tables, chairs etc to be  disinfected with disinfectant frequently by dedicated personnel;

12. Alcohol-based hand rub shall be available on all the security inspection channels and draw of toilet areas;

13. Adequate amount of hand washing soap to be supplied in the washroom and toilets stop foot operated waste bin with lead to be provided in the toilets and washroom. Waste shall be disposed of in the WHO recommended foot operated with twins with poly bags inside. At regular interval, oil waste bins should be cleaned and disinfected to keep in a sanitary condition and publicize the disinfection status on the prominent place and keep the record of disinfection;

14. Terminal area shall be disinfected as a public area. However, in case of any suspected patients, confirmed patients oral passengers, terminal disinfection shall be performed by disinfecting the area by using the prescribed vaporization disinfection device;

15. All the disposable used items shall be disposed of in foot operated waste bin with lid for final disposal in the poly bags. The poly bags are not to be opened inside airport area. Garbage contractor is to be instructed accordingly;

16. Airports shell arranged dedicated room with all protective measures and medical representative for quarantine and suspected passengers;

17. All airport shell ensure that all the air operators are following the CAAB guidelines on preventing COVID-19 while handling the passengers and disinfecting the aircraft;