Government reduced customs duty for gold brought by passengers from abroad. National Board of Revenue (NBR) issued a circular announcing the reduction by 1000 taka. The SRO regarding the reduction on gold at the airports has been published very recently.

This reduced customs duty will be applicable from next month (July 2019).

New SRO has been confirmed at the budget speech which was presented by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. To provide the facility of reduced customs duty for gold to the passengers, corrections has been made to the concerned baggage rules.

As per the prevailing baggage rules, a passenger has to pay Taka 3000.00 for each bhori or for each 11.664 gm of gold bar. From 1st July next month (Fiscal Year 2019-2020), this amount will be 2000.00 Taka for each bhori or every 11.664 gm gold bar according to the newly corrected rule.

At present a maximum of 234 gm gold bar can be imported paying the above mentioned customs duty. Except this correction, all other conditions regarding gold or gold bar will remain unchanged. A passenger can import 100 gm gold ornament duty free and more than 12 of the same design or type ornament will not be allowed duty free.

This article on prevailing customs duty for baggage items can help you a lot if you are thinking to import many things as your baggage.