Biman Bangladesh flight narrowly escaped severe accident

A Biman Bangladesh flight narrowly escaped severe accident today when a bird hit one of the engines of the aircraft at the time of taking off. The Singapore bound Bangladesh Biman flight BG-084 was about to take off from the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport runway this morning at around 8.40 am. 136 passengers aboard the plane were unhurt as the pilots stopped the aircraft at the eleventh hour, sources said.

Alamgir Hossain, a Senior Assistant Superintendent of Airport Armed Police said, the Biman flight left the boarding bridge at 8.35 am to the runway and was preparing for taking off. A large bird suddenly hit one of the engines of the aircraft compelling the emergency landing of the boeing 737 aircraft. While the passengers remained unhurt, the aircraft engine was damaged slightly and the pilots brought the aircraft at Bay no. 9 for inspection and assessment of the damage done by the bird.

The passengers of the Biman Bangladesh flight was then taken to the transit area of the airport safely and another aircraft carried them to Singapore instead of the aircraft which was damaged by bird hit.

This is the second incident of this kind this year when a bird hit the cockpit window of a domestic flight postponing that particular flight earlier this year. Despite measures taken by the airport authority to control the birds, such incidents posing severe threat to the safety of aircraft and passengers as well.

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