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1 06, 2017
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List of Duty and Tax Free Goods at Shahjalal Airport

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[Updated June 1, 2017 for up to June, 2018] You might have already learnt about the rates of duties for various goods when brought to Bangladesh. It is not that you will have to pay duties or taxes for everything you bring with you. There are so many items for which Customs Authority at the airport

1 06, 2017
  • Customs Duty at shahjalal airport

The rate of taxes for different items at Shahjalal airport

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[Updated] We had a number of inquiries so far about the amount of duties or rate of taxes for different items usually expatriate Bangladeshi citizens bring with them. Specially, many passenger wanted to know the duty or tax for LCD or LED Televisions. This page is for those persons looking for information about the duty