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12 05, 2019

Regent Airways Flight Schedule

2019-05-12T07:24:05+00:00Airline Information|

Regent Airways currently operates 22 International and 16 domestic flights in different routes. The airline operates international flights to and from Muscat, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Doha and Kolkata and domestic flights in Dhaka-Chattogram-Dhaka, Dhaka-Cox's Bazar-Dhaka Routes. Domestic Flights *Please

9 05, 2019
  • novoair

Novoair Flight Schedule

2019-05-09T11:01:28+00:00Airline Information|

At present, Novoair operates 22 domestic flights from dhaka to other destinations and vice versa. Novoair Flights from Dhaka to other destinations in Bangladesh For Flights to Dhaka from other destinations, please scroll down. Novoair Flights to Dhaka

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